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How to create a balance between the Feminine and the Masculine?

For several thousand years the balance between the Feminine and the Masculine has been broken, and Mother Earth has been dominated mainly by the lower masculine force brutally tainting and repressing the Sacred Feminine regarding the woman as a dangerous temptresses seducing men with her powerful wickedness, and men had to protect themselves from this evil force keeping woman and the Sacred Feminine to the ground. The problem about the woman who was the one giving birth to man as a result of a sexual connection was fixed by the church with the pure innocent virgin getting pregnant and giving birth.

Today the Sacred Feminine that has been kept down slumbering for so long is rising yet again, and women are starting once more to be honored by men and by themselves for the goddess aspect they all hold. Many places on Earth women are still being suppressed and treated like second range persons, and it saddens my heart deeply. But I also see the lower feminine in action other places. It is like some woman from the years and years of suppression by men go to the other extreme and become vey dominating in their relationships to their husbands. Maybe it could be viewed as a pendulum swinging from one side to the other before it finally finds it’s equilibrium in the center.

And it is this center we should strive to reach, as it is here the balance between the Masculine and the Feminine is reached, and in this place their vibrations are raised becoming sacred and divine.

To be able to assist in creating this balance on a global level we have to first strive to create this balance within ourselves changing our mind if we consciously or unconsciously hold any resentment toward either the feminine or the masculine. The unconscious can be difficult to find by oneself, but if in a relationship light will be shed upon any hidden pain from the past. Your partner will hold a mirror for you to see and to choose weather you wish (oftentimes unconsciously) to hold on to this pain and sorrow or you wish to look at it, acknowledge it, embrace it and finally let go of it with love and gratitude. If both the man and the woman succeed in this process, the vibration of the relationship will be raised and be of pure love holding the frequency to manifest and embody the divine feminine and the divine masculine in a perfect balance and harmony assisting the ascension and balance of Mother Earth.

There is a saying that love hurts, but I do not believe this to be the truth. I believe that all the shadow sides we bring into a relationship can be of much pain if the cycle is not broken and a power struggle is continuously going on. We are humans, and we all have shadow sides from past life and past experiences, but if both the man and the woman respect, honor and love one another and meet the shadow sides of the partner with much compassion and understanding they can help each other to heal and to grow, and together to create a relationship of pure and unconditional love, and by this union assist the ascension of our Mother Earth.

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